Umaña Puts Ideas On His Canvases
By Doris Reno
Herald Music and Arts Editor

...The gentle paintings of the American - Colombian artist, Alfonso Umaña, now at Coral Gables Arger Gallery, are
poetic still-lifes and quiet abstractions easily assimilable and pleasant to contemplate.
...There is not an iota of violence in them, they are static rather then active, they present ideas rather than active, they present ideas rather than feelings. The painter appears to be trying to give us essences rather than flowers or landscapes -- simplifications of flowers and landscapes designed to make a special sort of poetic appeal to the mind.
...Umaña succeeds very well in this aim for his work has appeal though not strong impact. It lures you back for a
second look and we are sure it would be easy to live with.
The most attractive flower pieces are “
Flowers in a Dark Room,” “Flowers and Fruit,” and “Flowers with Glass” all
done in lovely bright colors all beautifully designed. “
Abstract Flowers” uses rich yellows, blues and greens.
...The sensitive abstractions are all titled merely “Composition.”