The Tampa Tribune
Sunday, March 5 1961
By Lyn Cox Tebrugge
Tribune Staff Writer

Two Fine Shows Open Simultaneously

...A One Man Show by Umaña and "4 Graduate Painters" show from University of Georgia will open simultaneously this afternoon at Tampa Art Institute. The Umaña Show is being sponsored by TAI and university Show by University of Tampa. A reception will open the showings at 3 p.m. and the public may attend.
...Alfonso Umaña is son-in-law of Tampa artist Helen McGehee. He is a native of Colombia, South America, and studied at University of Bogota in Colombia also in Madrid, Spain and Paris, France He has exhibited in Paris and New York and has had several one man shows in New York and has had several one man shows in New York City.
...Flowers and landscapes are subject matter in this show but on canvas they become ideas of flowers, essence of landscape. The paintings are gentle and soft, illusionary, visionary. They do not capture or compel but whisper. The flowers which he paints are not those which wither and die but rather the souls of the plant. The landscapes are not seen through glass windows but through windows of memory.


The Tampa Tribune
Sunday, April 16, 1961

Activities in the World of Art

...A one-man show by Umaña opens this afternoon at the Bath Club on North Redington Beach. The 24 oils may be seen free by the public from 2 until 6 p.m. daily for the next month.
...This present art exhibition was shown in Coral Gables and will be seen in New York later this spring. From a recent New York showing the Rothchild Foundation for Arts and Sciences gave a purchase price to one of Umaña's abstracted nature oils which has been given to Rutgers University.
...New York's noted poet and art critic, Joseph Luke Agneta, wrote the following as a foreword to viewing the present showing: "Umaña's paintings are crystallization's of ideas, his flowers are not entirely flowers but purples, blues, oranges and yellows. One sees them on tables with fruit and glass, or through a window dripping with rain or hidden among dark foliage. They posses an abstract quality and are poetic evocations. They are of color in motion which transcends beyond still life into real crystallizations of poetic motifs, flowers which remain alive.
..."His landscapes contain yellows and green fields in perspective of reflections on and below water. Here the memory of a door or a window and innumerable fields and trees are juxtaposed on all the colors of the earth. They are the remembrance of objects and past vistas joined by the lines of thought and memory in southern lands.
..."These same lines are carried over into abstract ideas where forms and planes and shapes dissolve, and where color becomes a catalyst producing new feelings and different emotions. One sees what once was flower or a landscape transformed entirely into an abstraction of poetic thought realized visually and concisely. No more the flower, but the Idea of flower, no more the landscape but the essence of landscape.


Daily Sun
Gainesville, Florida
Tuesday Evening, June 27, 1961

Alfonso Umaña has exhibit at Fla. Union

...A one man show by Umaña is on display in Bryan Lounge, Florida Union, until Friday.
...Alfonso Umaña. son-in-law to Tampa artist, Helen McGehee, is a native of Colombia, South America, and he studied at the University of Bogota in Colombia, also in Madrid, Spain, and Paris, France. Umaña has exhibited in Paris and New York and has had several one man shows in New York City.
...Umaña Canvases are filled with flowers and landscapes, which are crystallizations of ideas, done in brilliant colors. The paintings are of special interest to interior decorators for they have a peculiar charm and beauty in intimate surroundings.
...This exhibition is sponsored by the Florida Union Board of Fine Arts Committee.