New Textures Made in Fabrics
The New York Sun
Saturday February 5 1938
Elisabeth Aschehoug

Peri-Umaña Bases Inspiration on Native Weaving Found in Coumbia.

Hand-woven fabrics created by Peri-Umaña, shown at the Delphic Studio until February 21, offer many decorative suggestions for highly individual drapery and upholstery textiles.
...Today's wide range of working materials represents a challenge to the hand weaver's imagination and it is the task of the creative artist to assemble these media in a maner which interpets the present time. Rather than striving for effective designs, since the had loom naturally has it limits, the Peri-Umaña fabrics rely on clever combinations in media and on subtle blending of colors for artistic results.
...Tweed effects and soft textures are predominant, sometimes broken up by diamond plaids or stripes. A particularly decorative fabric apears in a brilliant yellow with a subtle red undertone. Cellophane and gold interwoven in a white soft texture is another stunning cloth. Interesting strips are devloped by weaving in silk soutache braids as in a brown and rose drapery material with lace like spaces. Gold braid is likewise used to lend elegance to a soft white fabric.
...The variety of technics employed represents an accumulation of Mr. Umaña's experience in weaving from his native Colombia, where it is handicraft practiced in every home, to his studies in the Royal Factories of Tapestry Weaving in Madrid. In his studio at 48 East Ninth street he executes a wide selection of textiles for architects and interior designers who seek original creations to carry out hteir special requirements.