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Rafael Alfonso Umaña Mendez

Umaña's paintings are crystallization's of ideas. His flowers are not entirely flowers but purples, blues, oranges, and yellows. One sees them on tables with fruit and glass, or through a window dripping with rain, or hidden among dark foliage. They are of color in motion which transcends beyond still-life into real crystallization's of poetic motifs: flowers which remain alive.
His landscapes contain yellow and green fields in perspective or reflections on and below water. Here the memory of a door or a window and innumerable fields and trees are juxtaposed on all the colors of the earth. They are the remembrance of objects and past vistas joined by the lines of thought and memory in southern lands.
These same lines are carried over into abstract ideas where forms and planes and shapes dissolve, and where color becomes a catalyst producing new feelings and different emotions. One sees what once was a flower or a landscape transformed entirely into an abstraction of poetic thought realized visually and concisely. No more the flower, but the ida of flower; no more the landscape, but the essence of landscape.



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